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Watford Valves have been using valve equipment since 1976 and has been selecting and supplying valve to the professional market for over 20 years. The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. These factories such as Mullard, G.E.C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R.C.A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Watford Valves keeps a huge inventory of new old stock tubes valves as well as current production items. Therefore Watford Valves can offer one stop shopping to satisfy the most demanding of needs of the professional market, the collector or the enthusiast. All output tubes valves are priced individually. All prices contained on this web site are exclusive of VAT.

The Tung-sol reissue valves are produced by the Sovtek Corporation to high standards at their reflector plant in Russia. These are recreations of some of the most popular Audio and guitar valves and they also produce some original designs under the Tung-Sol name such as the KT120. These valve are used by original equipment manufactures the work over for their sound quality and reliability.

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  • 6550/ 6550A-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaTung sol 6550 re issue has been constructed to the original specifications of the 1960s model. 1960s model features a ...In stock£30.83Buy Now
  • 6EU7-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung Sol 6EU7 is a reissue of American high mu twin triode that was designed for audio applications. Gibson used ...In stock£20.83Buy Now
  • 6L6GC STR-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung-Sol 6L6GC-STR reissue is a remake of the classic early American 5881 design from the late 1950s. Importantly ...In stock£19.50Buy Now
  • 6SN7GTB/ 6N8P/ 6H8C-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe 6SN7GTB Tung sol re issue is made in the reflector factory in Russia. It offers superb audio sound with a very ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 6V6GT-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Russian Tung-sol 6V6GT is a remake of the classic early American design from the late 1950s. The Tung-sol has a ...In stock£19.50Buy Now
  • ECC81/ 12AT7-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung Sol ECC81 12AT7 Re-issue is made in Russia and provides low noise and low microphonics. It provides a warm and ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • ECC82/ 12AU7W-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung Sol ECC82 12AU7 Re-issue is made in Russia and provides low noise and low microphonics. It is designed to ...In stock£14.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7A-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Russian Tung sol ECC83/12AX7 is a remake of the classic designed 12AX7 from the early 1960s. The valve displays a ...In stock£12.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung Sol ECC83 5751is made in Russia and is designed to replicate the performance of the classic American made 5751 ...In stock£19.00Buy Now
  • EL34/ EL34B-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaTung Sol EL34B which is made in Russia has higher impedance which gives a little more gain and touch responsiveness. ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • EL84-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 was a popular OEM tube for American-made EL84/6BQ5 guitar amplifiers in the late 1950 early ...In stock£14.50Buy Now
  • EL84/ 7189-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaTung sol have reissued the 7189 which originally was a super EL84 which could handle 400 plate volts in class AB with ...In stock£20.83Buy Now
  • GZ34/ 5AR4-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung sol GZ34 is a robustly constructed rectifier with a tick glass envelope and vintage style serrated anode ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • KT120-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung-Sol KT120 is a new valve which has a rated plate dissipation of 60 watts, which makes this the most powerful ...In stock£38.00Buy Now
  • KT150-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe KT150 is a totally new design intended for high end audio use. The Tung-Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam ...In stock£62.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7ATUNG SOL RU Trade 10 pieces Limited OfferTung-Sol RussiaTung sol 12AX7 ECC83 has become one of the most popular ECC83 12AX7 types currently made for guitar and audio ...In stock£125.00
    Buy Now
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