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  • 12DW7/ 7247-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral ElectricThe 7247 is a premium industrial specification 12DW7 valve. This USA made original General Electric valve is the first ...In stock£26.00Buy Now
  • 12DW7/ ECC832-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaThe JJ ECC832 which is JJ number for the12DW7 & 7247 valve.This valve is mainly found in vintage American amplifiers ...In stock£9.50Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.It produces a harmonically rich and ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETRO-BALANCEDHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro balanced is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.This is a special balanced ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR Harma ValvesThe Harma ECC83-STR features an internally rugged construction with thick mica supports. This has a number of ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR BALANCEDHarma ValvesSpecial balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR DR250 High GainHarma ValvesA specially selected version of the Harma of the Harma ECC83-STR valve which has a slightly earlier break up than our ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7-ELECTRO HARMONIXElectro HarmonixThis 12AX7-Electro Harmonix has become one of the best sounding current production 12AX7/ECC83 types made today.The ...In stock£9.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7-ELECTRO HARMONIX GOLD PINElectro HarmonixThe Electro Harmonix ECC83 12AX7 Gold pin is made in Russia and has become one of the best sounding current production ...In stock£14.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7A-C-TAD RT001Tube Amp DoctorThis is the latest and improved version of the current Chinese 12AX7 and the factory have made great improvements in ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7A-TUNG SOL RUTung-Sol RussiaThe Russian Tung-sol ECC83/12AX7 is a remake of the classic early American designed 12AX7 from the early 1960s. The ...In stock£11.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7A-TUNG SOL RU GOLD PINTung-Sol RussiaThe Tung-Sol ECC83 12AX7 ECC803s Gold pin is made in Russia and is a factory selected gold plated pins version of the ...In stock£14.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7A-UNITED ELECTRONICSUnited ElectronicsThese ECC83-12AX7A United Electronics have the ladder plate anode and appear to be very well made. United Electronics ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7LPS-SOVTEKSovtek12AX7LPS is Sovtek long plate with a spiral filament which allows use with AC connected Heaters. This valve is a medium ...In stock£11.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7M-GROOVE TUBESGroove TubesThe Groove Tubes 12AX7 Mullard reissue was instigated by Aspen Pittman with Groove Tubes following the Mullard design ...Sold Out£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7M-GROOVE TUBES SUPER PREMIUMGroove Tubes20% Discount

    Groove Tubes Super Premium valves take the selected GT items and in addition to GTs in house ...
    In stock£25.00
    Buy Now

    Special balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or ...
    In stock£30.00
    Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7WA -BEIJING NOSBeijing Valve FactoryNOS Chinese Military 6N4-J 12AX7WA - Square Getter, Made in Beijing

    This 12AX7WA is a military grade 6N4-J (the ...
    Sold Out£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7WA-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral ElectricThese are the original military grade JAN specification 12AX7WA that were made by General Electric in the U.S.A for the ...In stock£52.00
    Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7WA-PHILIPSPhilips ECG JANOriginal Military grade JAN specification 12AX7WA PHILIPS made in the U.S.A for the American government. The valve ...In stock£50.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 12AX7WC-SOVTEKSovtekThe Sovtek 12AX7WC is the same valve as the WA/WB versions but it is factory selected for Fender for low noise, low ...In stock£10.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral ElectricThe American Made General Electric 5751 is a superb sounding valve for audio as well as guitar applications. It was ...In stock£40.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaThe JJ 5751 is a low gain version of the 12AX7.The valve produces a gain reduction of between 15 to 30 % when compared ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-JJ TESLA GOLD PINJJ TeslaThe JJ TESLA 5751 Gold pin is a factory selected version with gold pins.JJ selected these for the Gold pin version and ...In stock£14.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-PHILIPSPhilips ECG JANThe Philips 5751 is a superbly warm and rich sounding 5751 type.The valve has a lower amplification of 70 mu as opposed ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
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