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It is now common place for the major mainstream mass production manufactures to make their cabinets as cheaply as possible.
Many of the world’s top manufacturer’s compromise their products by using inexpensive particle board, compressed card/wood chip to make their cabinets. Indeed many cabinets that are offered by some resellers have their cabinets made in China out of materials which at best are inconsistent but in most cases lack attention to detail.

The effect of the cabinets’ interaction, response and tone is ignored, thus leaning many mass produced amplifiers and combos with less than pleasing results.

The Harma Pro master series of guitar cabinets have been specifically designed to upgrade some of the most popular mass produced amplifiers and combos.

These cabinets are manufactured in England by trained craftsmen using the best quality materials and finishes.

Pine cabinet

Harma pine cabinets are made from high grade pine chosen for it clean and vibrant sound. The Harma cabinets are crafted in the traditional way with dovetail joints with all the attention to detail that comes with having a handmade bespoke cabinet made by British craftsmen.

Plywood cabinets

Harma Ply cabinets are made from the highest grade 18mm Baltic birch ply with a minimum of 13 sheet laminations. This dense plywood reduces cabinet resonance and gives the right tonal balance. Made in the same way as all the classic vintage cabinets and made in England.

The right speakers in the right cabinet can have the single most dramatic effect on your sound. These Harma cabinets have been designed to get the best out of your amplifier with some of the world greatest speakers. Harma cabinets, therefore, use the finest speakers from the world's best manufacturers to ensure that your sound is not compromised

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  • Harma Pro Junior 1 x 12 Aged Tweed replacement pine cabinet EmptyHarma Pro Junior cabsFender Pro Junior replacement pine 1 x 12 cabinet in aged tweed. The biggest limitation to the Pro Junior is 1x10 ...Sold Out£224.17Buy Now
  • Harma Blues Junior 1 x 12 Aged Tweed replacement pine cabinet with Celestion Alnico BlueHarma Blues Juinor CabsFender Blues Junior replacement pine 1 x 12 cabinet in aged tweed.The biggest limitation to the Blues Junior is the ...In stock£403.34
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