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We stock a small range of high quality pedals. The pedals that we stock are chosen on the following criteria; they must have exceptional sound quality and reliability and also when needed, the company must provide excellent customer support. They also have to be pedal that I would be happy to own and use myself. All our stock regardless of which one you choose, are all amongst the best sounding pedals available.

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  • Keeley Bassist CompressorKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Bassist Compressor provides true high-fidelity compression and limiting and has been developed with the pro ...Sold Out£157.50Buy Now
  • Keeley GC-2 Limiting CompressorKeeley PedalsThe Keeley GC-2 Limiting Amplifier Compressor uses the same compression and limiting technology that made Keeley ...In stock£165.83Buy Now
  • Keeley GC-2 Limiting Compressor + Peterson Strobostomp HD Pedal TunerKeeley PedalsPedal +Tuner Package

    The Keeley GC 2 Limiting Amplifier Compressor uses the same compression and limiting ...
    In stock£265.00Buy Now
  • Keeley Compressor ProKeeley PedalsRobert Keeley has the reputation for making the best compressors in the industry. The Keeley Compressor Pro is a studio ...In stock£249.00Buy Now
  • Keeley Seafoam Plus True Chorus & VibratoKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Seafoam Chorus was hailed by many as the best chorus available since the vintage Boss CE-2. Well the best ...Sold Out£165.83Buy Now
  • Keeley Aria Compressor DriveKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Aria Compressor Drive combines compression and overdrive which are two foundations of Roberts reputation.The ...In stock£165.83
    Buy Now
  • Keeley Aria Compressor Drive + Peterson Strobostomp HD Pedal TunerKeeley PedalsPedal +Tuner Package

    The Keeley Aria Compressor Drive combines compression and overdrive which are two ...
    In stock£265.00Buy Now
  • Keeley Dynatrem Tremolo & ReverbKeeley PedalsThe Dynatrem Dynamic Tremolo is an all new type of tremolo that is dynamic and responsive to your playing. Your ...Sold Out£140.83Buy Now
  • MXR Analog Chorus Pedal M234MXR PedalsIf you like the vintage 1980s era Boss CE-2 chorus then this is what MXR have set out to recreate with the analog ...In stock£90.83Buy Now
  • Keeley Stahlhammer DistortionKeeley PedalsKeeley Stahlhammer Distortion is a high gain Distortion pedal which provides hard hitting high gain British style ...In stock£124.17Buy Now
  • Keeley D & M Drive Keeley PedalsThe D&M Drive is the perfect combination of Drive and Boost and was designed in collaboration with Robert Keeley and ...In stock£195.83
    Buy Now
  • MXR M169A Carbon Copy Analog Delay 10th Ann EditionMXR PedalsThis special edition of the Carbon Copy Analog Delay which features lightweight aluminium housing with a metallic ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • Cioks DC7 Power SupplyCioks Power SuppliesCioks DC7 is thinnest and one of the most versatile power supplies on the market.It features 7 DC outputs all of which ...In stock£182.50
    Buy Now
  • Cioks DC7 Power Supply + Peterson Strobostomp HD Pedal TunerCioks Power SuppliesPower supply +Tuner Package

    Two of the best package combines the Cioks DC7 which is the thinnest and one of the ...
    In stock£281.67Buy Now
  • MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay M292MXR PedalsThe Carbon Copy is one of the world bestselling delay pedals and this Deluxe version allows you that much more control ...In stock£182.50Buy Now
  • Cioks 8 Expander Power Supply Cioks Power SuppliesThis Cioks 8 Expander supplied for use with a Cioks DC7 .You can use this as a standalone 8 outlet supply but would ...In stock£149.17
    Buy Now
  • Cioks 8 Expander Power Supply With Mains AdaptorCioks Power SuppliesStand Alone 8 way Supply

    This Cioks 8 is supplied with the power supply unit so you can use this as a standalone ...
    In stock£175.00Buy Now
  • Keeley Neutrino Envelope FilterKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter and Auto Wah pedal is an extremely versatile and easy to use envelope filter that ...In stock£149.17
    Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Acapulco Gold V2 Distortion Pedal Earthquaker Devices PedalsThe Acapulco Gold is a very simple distortion Fuzz pedal that gives cranked vintage guitar toneVersion 2 is upgraded ...Sold Out£120.83Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Afterneath V3 Reverb Pedal Earthquaker Devices PedalsThe original Afterneath pedal set new standards for delay and reverb effects. Now with the upgraded version 3 you have ...Sold Out£170.83Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Astral Destiny Octave Reverb PedalEarthquaker Devices PedalsThe Astral Destiny is a compact and powerful modulated octave reverb pedal that features 8 reverb modes with 8 editable ...In stock£170.84Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Dispatch Master Delay & Reverb Pedal Earthquaker Devices PedalsEarthquaker Dispatch Master Delay and Reverb set new standards when it was introduced.Version 3 adds EQ proprietary ...Sold Out£170.83Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Hoof V2 Hybrid Fuzz Pedal Earthquaker Devices PedalsThe Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2 fuzz pedal provides beautifully dirty organic vintage fuzz with a twist. The Hoof V2 ...In stock£157.50
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  • Earthquaker Plumes Overdrive PedalEarthquaker Devices PedalsI love Tubescreamers and I simply Love the Earthquaker Plumes Overdrive Pedal.The Plumes works superbly when going into ...In stock£88.00
    Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Sea Machine V3 Chorus PedalEarthquaker Devices PedalsEarthquaker Sea Machine V3 is a chorus pedal that gives you an unprecedented measure of control options. Version 3 has ...Sold Out£165.83Buy Now
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