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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive is the Unit that has been developed to provide a tone close to the classic Klon Centaur overdrive. Original units are exchanging hands from £450 upwards so the Keeley is the ideal answer.

Robert Keeley wanted to build his version of this circuit but offer players slightly more than a mere” Klon” of the original. His mission statement to his team was simply

To build a stompbox that let players blend from perfectly clean to amp-crushing roar. Provide that impossibly huge and focused midrange tone that makes any guitar… Strat, Paul, Tele, sound incredible. We knew we could do it our way and offer you more tone.

His team was the best in the business as the Oxblood was designed by Robert Keeley and Craighton Hale with a lot of help and insight from Jack Orman. Jack Orman has been a pioneer in the modern world of effects for 20 years. His thoughts and ideas are incorporated by nearly every boutique builder out there. Here is your chance to hear a brand new creation designed to outperform any of the klones.

Rather than a Treble knob, the Oxblood contains a real-deal Tone control for an extended versatility. The Drive control also extends far beyond the range of a regular K-style pedal, and players can get some excellent medium-gain sounds from the Oxblood in addition to the standard sound.

The Keeley Oxblood offers you two ways to clip and saturate your signal with overtones by selecting carefully chosen diodes. This is via two toggle switches. First, theres the added Phat switch, which extends the bass response of the pedal and fattens up the sound. The Clipping switch changes between left and right (which switch in the diodes), with the toggle switched to the left side you get a more saturated, tighter distorted tone, and the toggle switched to the right side you get a more dynamic and less compression in the sound.

Keeley Electronics Oxblood key to the ultimate overdrive is its ability to control five different parameters.

•Bass response. Phat Switch, cuts bass response to give you that classic Screamer or Klon shelving. The bass response when cut is saturated with a hint of 2nd order harmonics.

•Clipping. Sometimes there is not enough gain .Well not with this beast. The Clipping Switch gives you the ability to sing with near infinite sustain or just stand on your amp like a chief.

•Tone Control. You need to be able to dial in the highs perfectly or nothing else matters right? The highs are what makes it ear candy or ice picks. We give you the range to do whatever the you want to do.

•Volume. The Oxblood features a voltage doubling circuit that gives you headroom for days.

•Drive. The Oxblood goes from clean to searing sustain and saturation with a midrange response
That is throaty, powerful, focused with punching definition.

Whenever I hear the name Ox it think of the great john Entwistle, he was immense, so is the Keeley Oxblood.



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