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Watford Valves have been using valve equipment since 1976 and has been selecting and supplying valve to the professional market for over 20 years. The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. These factories such as Mullard, G.E.C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R.C.A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Watford Valves keeps a huge inventory of new old stock tubes valves as well as current production items. Therefore Watford Valves can offer one stop shopping to satisfy the most demanding of needs of the professional market, the collector or the enthusiast. All output tubes valves are priced individually. All prices contained on this web site are exclusive of VAT.

Telefunken was a German radio and television apparatus company, founded in Berlin in 1903, as a joint venture of Siemens & Halske and the Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G). In 1967 Telefunken were merged with AEG and the company renamed AEG-Telefunken. In 1985 the Telefunken name was dropped. The Telefunken name is one we associate with rare and valuable valves which are some of the best sounding valves ever made.

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  • EC92/ 6AB4-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenEC92 Tube for Neumann Geffel UM57 and others. The original Telefunken EC92 is considered the best by many in the ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • ECF80/ E80CF-TELEFUNKEN GOLD PINTelefunkenThis is the highest quality best sounding ECF80 that money can buy. We have only a limited stock of this rare tube ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
  • ECF82/ 6U8A-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThis is is the best ECF82/6U8A of its type. Telefunken Made in Germany in the original box and with the diamond ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • ECL85/ ECL805-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenOriginal Telefunken ECL805 which is an improved version of the ECL85 that was made in Germany with diamond mark.The ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • EF184-TELEFUNKEN 100 PCS IN MASTER CARTONTelefunkenTelefunken EF184 valve that was made in Germany at the Siemens Halske Factory in Munich. The valve has the factory code ...In stock£2,000.00
    Buy Now
  • EF80-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThe EF80 internally screened pentode that was used mainly VHF TV and electronic equipment and also radio tuners.This is ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • EF804S-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThe EF804S Telefunken is a specially made and selected valve by Telefunken that was used in high end electronics and ...In stock£120.00Buy Now
  • EF86/ 6267-TELEFUNKEN DOME TOPTelefunkenThese Telefunken EF86 6267 are without doubt the best EF86 6267 that was made and the item used in the Original Neumann ...In stock£225.00Buy Now
  • EF91/ 6AM6S-TELEFUNKEN SPECIAL QUALITYTelefunkenThe 6AM6S was a specially manufactured and selected valve made by Telefunken that was used in high end electronics such ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
  • EF91/ 6AM6S/ M8083-TELEFUNKEN MULLARDTelefunkenEF91 Mullard high grade version M8083 which has been branded by Telefunken and supplied to the German Nato forces. ...In stock£7.50Buy Now
  • EL803-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThe EL803 is a special quality power pentode for use as a wide band amplifier in professional and military ...In stock£8.00Buy Now
  • EL803S-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThe EL803S is a special quality power pentode for use as a wide band amplifier in professional and military equipment. ...In stock£10.00Buy Now
  • EZ11-TELEFUNKENTelefunkenThe EZ11 is a metal jacket full wave rectifier that was used in many German domestic radio receivers.Original ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
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