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Watford Valves have been using valve equipment since 1976 and has been selecting and supplying valve to the professional market for over 20 years. The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. These factories such as Mullard, G.E.C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R.C.A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Watford Valves keeps a huge inventory of new old stock tubes valves as well as current production items. Therefore Watford Valves can offer one stop shopping to satisfy the most demanding of needs of the professional market, the collector or the enthusiast. All output tubes valves are priced individually. All prices contained on this web site are exclusive of VAT.

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  • 5Y3GB-MAZDAMazdaThese are the Original 1950s French military 5Y3GB rectifier with the famous 1950’s style large shoulder shape bottle. ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GB-MAZDA BELVU STRAIGHT SIDE MazdaOriginal Mazda 5Y3GB Straight side rectifier that dates from the mid 1960’s.Mazda 5Y3GB has the grey welded double ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
  • 6F18/ 6EC7-MAZDAMazdaThe 6F18 is a variable HF pentode that was used in broadcast receivers at HF. The valve can be used in place of 6EC7or ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
  • 6F28/ EE80-MAZDAMazdaThe 6F28 is an amplifier beam tetrode of high mutual conductance designed for television serviceIn stock£6.00Buy Now
  • 6X4/ EZ90-MAZDA TESLAMazdaThese Mazda 6X4 are in fact the high quality Czech made Tesla 6Z31 aka 6X4 EZ90 and were no doubt imported by Mazda for ...In stock£10.00Buy Now
  • 76-MAZDAMazda76 Mazda amplifier triode uses UX5 base and was Introduced in 1933.This valve is found in Wurlitzer Juke Boxes model ...In stock£20.00
    Buy Now
  • ECC804/ 630L2-MAZDAMazdaOriginal Mazda ECC804 with the original code 6/30L2. Made in England and this type was described as exclusive to Thorn ...In stock£8.00Buy Now
  • ECF80-MAZDA NO LOGOMazdaECF80 Mazda is a very nice quality triode pentode valve.The valve was designed for the professional VHF communications ...In stock£6.00Buy Now
  • ECL82-MAZDA MULLARDMazdaOriginal Mazda ECL82 which have been made at the Mullard Factory in Blackburn in England and been branded Mazda. All ...In stock£23.00Buy Now
  • ECL82/ 6BM8-MAZDAMazdaThe Mazda ECL82 audio triode pentode valve was used in many vintage radiograms and audio amplifiers.These ECL82 are a ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • ECL86/ 6GW8-MAZDAMazdaECL86 Original British made by Mazda. This ECL86 has the black grey anode plate coating and is a super high quality ...In stock£45.00Buy Now
  • EF184-MAZDAMazdaMazda EF184 made in England with the mesh anode. High quality frame-grid high gain VHF pentode dual printed with Mazda ...In stock£7.00Buy Now
  • EF40-MAZDAMazdaThe EF40 is a voltage amplifying pentode, primarily intended for use in high gain RC coupled AF voltage amplifier stagesIn stock£5.00Buy Now
  • EF85-MAZDAMazdaThe EF85 is a VHF variable Mu pentode and these Mazda items are Foreign made and come in the orginal boxIn stock£10.00Buy Now
  • EF86-MAZDA RUMazdaThese Mazda EF86 date from the early 1980’s and are of Russian origin as they are all have the distinctive pimple style ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • PC86-MAZDAMazdaMazda PC86 is a purpose designed UHF oscillator triode. The PC86 triode will outperform the popular ECC88/6922 types ...In stock£9.50Buy Now
  • PC97-MAZDAMazdaThe PC97 is a single triode with a high mutual conductance and could be used as a signal pre-amplifier. This valve has ...In stock£6.00Buy Now
  • PD500-MAZDAMazdaThe Mazda PD500 is listed as an output valve for colour television line scan.These come in the orginal Mazda box.In stock£13.50Buy Now
  • PFL200-MAZDAMazdaThe PFL200 valve contains two separate pentode valves in one envelope.In stock£7.00Buy Now
  • PL82/ 30P16-MAZDAMazdaThe PL82-30P16 was originally designed for low frequency power output use for television frame output valve or for ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
  • PL84-MAZDAMazda1 Only

    The PL84 audio output pentode was designed for use in television receivers. These come in the original ...
    In stock£10.00Buy Now
  • PY88/ 30AE3-MAZDAMazdaThe PY88 is an efficiency diode for use in television line scan systemsIn stock£6.50Buy Now
  • U251-MAZDAMazdaThe U251 is a television efficiency diodeIn stock£6.50Buy Now
  • UCL82-MAZDAMazdaThe UCL82 triode pentode was designed for single ended audio output stages of radios. In this application the valve ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
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