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We stock a small range of high quality pedals. The pedals that we stock are chosen on the following criteria; they must have exceptional sound quality and reliability and also when needed, the company must provide excellent customer support. They also have to be pedal that I would be happy to own and use myself. All our stock regardless of which one you choose, are all amongst the best sounding pedals available.

Fender have made some ground breaking pedals over the years with a focus on reliability and performance. We stock some of Fender best sounding items.

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  • Fender 2-Switch ABY Switcher Pedal Fender PedalsFender have brought out on of the best ABY boxes on the market and this little device allows you to plug a single ...In stock£24.17Buy Now
  • Fender Acoustic Preverb Pedal Fender PedalsFender Acoustic Preamp Reverb Reverb enhances the tone and natural beauty of an acoustic guitar and Fender’s Acoustic ...In stock£165.83Buy Now
  • Fender Bubbler Analog ChorusFender PedalsFender Bubbler Analog Chorus & VibratoThe Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus & Vibrato Pedal sets new standards for this type ...In stock£82.50Buy Now
  • Fender Compugilist Compressor & DistortionFender PedalsFender Compugilist Compressor & DistortionThe Fender Compugilist is a Compressor and Distortion in one pedalWith ...Sold Out£107.50Buy Now
  • Fender Downtown Express Bass Multi Effect PedalFender PedalsFender Downtown Express Bass StationDesigned by Alex Aguilar the Fender Downtown Express Bass Station is a superb bass ...Sold Out£129.17Buy Now
  • Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb PedalFender PedalsFender Dual Marine Layer Reverb The Fender Dual Marine Layer Reverb adds some important features to the highly ...In stock£165.83
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  • Fender Dual Pugilist DistortionFender PedalsFender Dual Pugilist DistortionFender have taken The Pugilist Distortion and made it dual channel. Each channels drive ...Sold Out£165.83
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  • Fender Engager BoostFender PedalsFender Engager Boost PedalThe Fender Engager boost is a booster pedal with a powerful 3 band EQ and mid frequency ...Sold Out£74.17Buy Now
  • Fender Full Moon DistortionFender PedalsFender Full Moon Distortion PedalThe Fender Full Moon Distortion provides high gain distortion with a 3 band EQ and ...Sold Out£107.50Buy Now
  • Fender Level Set BufferFender PedalsFender Level Set BufferThis is a pedal that we think we never need until we buy one then we think why I have never ...In stock£57.50Buy Now
  • Fender Lost Highway PhaserFender PedalsFender Lost Highway PhaserThe Fender Lost Highway Phaser features the whole range of phasing from late 1960s, early ...In stock£82.50Buy Now
  • Fender Marine Layer ReverbFender PedalsFender Marine Layer ReverbThe Marine Layer Reverb is an essential element in nearly any rig. Whether you are adding ...Sold Out£85.00Buy Now
  • Fender Mirror Image DelayFender PedalsFender Mirror Image DelayFender Mirror Image Delay puts 3 popular delay types one pedal. It contains a digital delay ...Sold Out£85.00Buy Now
  • Fender MTG LA Tube DistortionFender PedalsFender MTG LA Tube DistortionThe Fender MTG LA Tube Distortion Pedal brings you real tube distortion by using 6205 ...In stock£115.83Buy Now
  • Fender MTG Tube Distortion PedalFender PedalsFender MTG Tube DistortionMany pedals try to emulate the sound of tube breakup; we decided instead of emulating tube ...In stock£115.83Buy Now
  • Fender MTG Tube TremoloFender PedalsFender MTG Tube TremoloThe name Fender is synonymous with real tube tone. The MTG Tube Tremolo brings the hypnotic ...Sold Out£115.83Buy Now
  • Fender Pour Over Envelope FilterFender PedalsFender Pour Over Envelope FilterThe Fender Pour Over Envelope Filter is a modern auto-wah pedal with a built in ...Sold Out£107.50Buy Now
  • Fender Pugilist DistortionFender PedalsFender Pugilist DistortionThe Pugilist Distortion is a dual circuit drive pedal that features independent tone and gain ...Sold Out£74.17Buy Now
  • Fender Reflecting Pool Delay & ReverbFender PedalsFender Reflecting Pool Delay & ReverbThe Reflecting Pool Delay and Reverb Pedal is the pedal that has received ...Sold Out£195.83Buy Now
  • Fender Santa Ana OverdriveFender PedalsFender Santa Ana OverdriveThe Fender Santa Ana Overdrive pedal is designed to be an open sounding and dynamic pedal ...Sold Out£129.16Buy Now
  • Fender Smolder Acoustic OverdriveFender PedalsFender Smolder Acoustic OverdriveNo I did not get it this pedal at all at first, an Acoustic Overdrive, until I watched ...In stock£115.83
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  • Fender The Bends CompressorFender PedalsFender The Bends CompressorThe Fender Bends Compressor Pedal is designed to provide all types of dynamic compression ...Sold Out£82.50Buy Now
  • Fender The Pelt FuzzFender PedalsThe Fender the Pelt Fuzz is equipped with a silicon transistor gain circuit. Silicon transistors are often used in Fuzz ...Sold Out£74.17Buy Now
  • Fender The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker EmulatorFender PedalsFender The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker EmulatorThe Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator features three different rotary ...Sold Out£154.16Buy Now
  • Fender The Trapper Dual FuzzFender PedalsFender The Trapper Dual FuzzThe Fender the Trapper Dual Fuzz pedal offers two distinct fuzz tones which can be simply ...Sold Out£107.50Buy Now
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