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Watford Valves have been using valve equipment since 1976 and has been selecting and supplying valve to the professional market for over 20 years. The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. These factories such as Mullard, G.E.C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R.C.A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Watford Valves keeps a huge inventory of new old stock tubes valves as well as current production items. Therefore Watford Valves can offer one stop shopping to satisfy the most demanding of needs of the professional market, the collector or the enthusiast. All output tubes valves are priced individually. All prices contained on this web site are exclusive of VAT.

Harma valves consist of a selected range of valves that are chosen after meeting stringent standards for sound quality and reliability. These valves are sourced from current production as well as some of the finest Nos valves available. Unlike our competitors no Harma valves, past or present has been made in China. Harma valves represent the finest available items of their type available.

Harma valves are tested using a range of custom designed and built test rigs which are unique to Watford valves.These unique tests are not offered by any other valve supplier in the world.

All Harma pre amp valves undergo the drive rating system; the valve undergoes a series of through tests under full operational conditions. This involves a controlled burn in process to ensure perfect stability and correct ageing. A shock and vibration test, microphoney, hum, and a balance and symmetry test.

All Harma output valves undergo our own unique real world burst testing. No other supplier tests valves this way. The burst testing process involves a series of varying timed electrical signal bursts. This runs the valves under the same stress conditions that they will meet in your amplifier especially when overdriven. All out put valves are then dual matched by us on anode current and gain. This will ensure that you get the best selected valves available anywhere in the world.

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  • 12BH7A-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 12BH7A Retro design is based on the original USA made General Electric 12BH7A. It has a number of features ...In stock£38.00Buy Now
  • 12DW7/ 7247-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe Harma 12DW7 STR is based on the American dual plate design that was popular in the late 1960’s. It has been ...In stock£26.00Buy Now
  • 5881 HARMA-MESA BOOGIE 400 PLUS SET Harma ValvesSpecial Offer 10% Discount

    This is a specially selected matched set of 12 5881 valve for owners of the Mesa ...
    In stock£360.00
    Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma 5881 is the original button based Russian military valve that powered the Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps (STR ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMA MESA SELECTHarma ValvesMesa Select for use in Mesa Boogies

    This valve is specially selected to run in Mesa Boogies fixed bias ...
    In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • 5U4G-HARMA STRHarma ValvesHarma 5U4G STR is the designed on the classic shoulder shape rectifiers that were heavily used in the 1950’s. This ...In stock£45.00Buy Now
  • 6072A/ 12AY7-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe Harma 12AY7 STR plate construction is based on the famous frame grid plate design that was pioneered in Germany by ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 6550A-HARMA RETRO AMPEG SETHarma ValvesHarma 6550A Retro Special Ampeg SVT SetThe Harma 6550A Retro is a meticulous recreation of the classic General Electric ...In stock£390.00Buy Now
  • 6L6GC-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 6L6GC Retro is a re issue of the famous Sylvania STR 387 that was produced for Fender in the early 1970s.This ...In stock£32.00Buy Now
  • 6L6GC-HARMA RETRO MESA SELECTHarma ValvesMesa Select for use in Mesa Boogies

    The 6L6GC Harma Retro Mesa select have been specially selected to run with ...
    In stock£36.00Buy Now
  • 6N1P-VI-HARMA Harma ValvesThe Harma 6N1P-VI is a special long life, low noise version of the 6N1P. They are all selected to very tight parameters ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • ECC81-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe HARMA ECC81 STR is a German manufactured valve that has been specially chosen for its outstanding performance and ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC82-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC82 is designed on the ladder plate design that was used by Mullard and Philips.The valve plate features ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.It produces a harmonically rich and ...In stock£25.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETRO BALANCEDHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro balanced is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.This is a special balanced ...In stock£28.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR Harma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 STR features an internally rugged construction with thick mica supports. This has a number of ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR BALANCEDHarma ValvesSpecial balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR DR250 High GainHarma ValvesA specially selected version of the Harma of the Harma ECC83 STR valve which has a slightly earlier break up than our ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-HARMA STR HGHarma ValvesThe Harma 5751 STR has been specially selected to offer reduced distortion and gain level. All modern made 5751 do not ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 5751-HARMA STR HG BALANCEDHarma ValvesBalanced item

    The Harma 5751 STR Balanced has been specially selected to offer reduced distortion and gain ...
    In stock£26.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 7025-HARMA DR250Harma ValvesThe Harma 7025 STR DR250 is a close sounding recreation of the famous USA made 7025 valve.The valve supplies a tight ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • EL34-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma EL34 Retro is based on the famous Mullard EL34 and has a number of important features which set the valve ...In stock£32.00Buy Now
  • EL34-HARMA RETRO MESA SELECTHarma ValvesMesa Select for use in Mesa Boogies

    This valve is specially selected to run in Mesa Boogies fixed bias ...
    In stock£38.00Buy Now
  • EL84-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma EL84 Retro is a recreation of the famous Mullard EL84 and follows the original design and electrical ...In stock£26.00Buy Now
  • EL84/ E84L-HARMA BURST TESTEDHarma ValvesThe Harma E84L Burst Tested on the tester designed for Brian May

    The Harma E84L is a high quality special ...
    In stock£30.00Buy Now
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