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Brimar was part of STC group and founded in 1933 to manufacture American pattern valves for the British market. Valves were produced in the UK in various locations such as Foots Cray. In 1960 Thorn Electrical Industries acquired the Brimar cathode ray tubes and valve business from STC and in 1961 Brimar became part of the joint venture between Thorn and AEI to manufacture and sell valves and cathode ray tubes. Brimar valves were produced and sourced from various factories across the world in later years.
The Brimar EL84 became a formidable opposition to the famous Mullard EL84 for military contracts.
These UK made Brimars date from 1967 to 1968 and have the closest sound to the original Mullard EL84. The balance of this valve is perfect with deep bass and a real midrange kick.

When overdriven the Brimar:s crunch early and they give a clear sustaining growl at the top

We only have singles in these so these are ideal in any single ended guitar amplifier such as the Marshall class 5 or Vox range



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