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Sylvania Electric Products Inc. based in Emporium, Pa was an American manufacturer electrical equipment and vacuum tubes In 1942 the company changed its name to Sylvania Electric Products Inc. In the early 1980s was Sylvania sold to Philips and the Philips ECG valves were produced in the Emporium plant until it closed
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The Type 80 was the first mass produced directly heated full wave rectifier to use oxide-coated tape filaments and was first introduced in 1936. The Type 80 has a 4 pin UX4 base and is also known under the number 4274A, Nato valve number CV617 and American service number VT-80

These Type 80 are the later straight sided GT glass envelope type. The valve was made by a number of manufactures and was a hugely popular rectifier. Used in Wurlitzer 61 Countertop, Wurlitzer 71 Countertop, Wurlitzer 81 Countertop



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