Fender Full Revalve Kits / Fender 1957 Custom Bandmaster 6LGC JJ Full Revalve Kit

Fender 1957 Custom Bandmaster 6LGC JJ Full Revalve Kit Fender 1957 Custom Bandmaster 6LGC JJ Full Revalve Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Fender Amplifiers have a huge musical legacy that dates from the very beginning of modern popular music. Fender amplifies have a clean tonal character which is not matched by another manufacture in the world. Our Fender full revalve kits are put together after a life time of using and comparing the performance of valves in these amplifiers. The kits offer the best options drawn from original new old stock USA made valves and their modern counterparts. They are designed and put together to provide improved sonic and tonal definition with more clarity out of these legendary amplifiers. Each preamp kit is specially selected for low noise, uniform gain and tonal characteristic. All output valves have been burst tested and matched on anode current and gain.
Our JJ revalve kits consist of a specially selected set of JJ ECC83S preamp valves combined with selected and matched set JJ output valves.

All preamp valves in our kits are specially selected and include a balanced valve for the phase inverter position. All output valves are burnt in dual matched on current and output gain.

JJ valves a renowned around the world for their sound quality. They produce a smooth clear high end with a clean and clear treble. The midrange is full and well balanced with a tight and well defined bass end. In overdriven mode the JJ produce a warm overdrive with a little compression and no harshness

The kit consists of 6 valves

1 Specially selected 12AY7 JJ for V1
1 Specially selected ECC83S JJ for V2
1 Specially selected & balanced ECC83S JJ for V3
2 Specially selected 6L6GC JJ in a matched pair
1 Specially selected 5U4GB JJ

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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