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Quad 11 Original REC Relic KT66 Svetlana EF86 Brimar GZ32 Upgrade Kit Pair LTD Edition Cryo Quad 11 Original REC Relic KT66 Svetlana EF86 Brimar GZ32 Upgrade Kit Pair LTD Edition Cryo Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Since Peter Walker founded Quad in 1936, all Quad products have displayed originality in design and outstanding audio excellence. A world leader in audio amplifier and electrostatic speaker design, Quad has been recognised by awards from around the world including the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in 1978 the only one ever presented to an audio hi-fi equipment manufacturer

It is hard to believe that the legendary Quad 11 was discontinued in 1970, yet my own Quad 11 still outperforms many high end amplifies some 45 years on. Our Quad Cryo upgrade kits use the best current production and NOS valves which are cryogenically treated to enable you get the best sound out of these legendary amplifiers.
Signature Set Limited Edition

8 Sets only

This Cryo upgrade Kit for the Original Quad 11 Power amps is the set that I have used in my own Quad 11. This set has been put together after numerous hours of comparison with the sole aim of giving quad owners the ultimate upgrade kit from this fantastic audio icon.

The kit consists of Cryo Treated GEC style REC Relic KT66, Nos EF86 Svetlana pimple anode and a pair of NOS Foreign made RU Brimar GZ32. Due to the scarcity of the valves in this upgrade kit we have only 16 sets are available.

The Cryo treatment gives a permanent change to the valves performance. The benefits that you will hear is better overall musical clarity. This is particularly noticeable on strings. The Musical soundstage is fuller with increased definition and improved note clarity. This Cryo set also has more vigour and is a more musically involving for the listener.

The treated valves provide a lasting improvement to you sound over the untreated items and this is one of the best upgrade kit.

The KT66 Relic Cryo is a premium high quality audio grade KT66 that is based on the famous GEC design. Now owners of the Original and legendary Quad 11 power can obtain an authentic looking and specially selected KT66 for Quads.

The KT66 Relic Cryo is a premium high quality audio grade KT66 that has a number of high grade features which set this valve apart from other KT66 on the market.

The valve features a thick glass envelope with a welded anode plate to prevent microphonics and rattle. The anode plate uses a laminated alloy which helps heat transfer under overload conditions. The grids of the valves use gold grid wire and the grid rods are made from copper which is the best materials to use. The valve uses GEC ring getter which is located at the bottom following the original design.

These valves are all specially burnt in and selected to the same current specifications and current range of the Original GEC KT66 CV1075. The valves then go through our burst testing process which involves a series of varying timed electrical signal bursts. This runs the valves under the same stress conditions that they will meet in your amplifier. All out put valves are then dual matched by us on current and gain. This will ensure that you get the best selected KT66 available anywhere in the world.

The KT66 Relic Cryo displays very smooth open and dynamic sound with excellent balance. The bass response had rock solid bass note definition with superb speed and clarity. The midrange is very vocal and smooth with plenty of extended range. The top end response is easy to listen to with a very musical sound which is very smooth and detailed.

We use a Nos Svetlana Winged C EF86 solid pimple screen anode which date from the mid 1980 This is one of the nicest sounding Cryo EF86 I have found in the quad. The valve is very quiet very well balanced with superb image and drives the Quad really well. To complete the package we us a Brimar GZ32. The valve is marked foreign possible Russian and has a more compact size, which I prefer and it retains that beautiful shouldered bottle thus retaining the Classic Quad look

Our Kit consists of 10 valves

4 EF86 Svetlana Winged C Cryo solid pimple screen anode
4 KT66 REC Relic Cryo In matched Quad
2 GZ32 Brimar RU Cryo

Please note that the kit contains the valves



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