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Way Huge was launched 1992 by founder Jeorge Tripps and made some legendary pedals.In late 1999 the company closed its doors when Tripps went to work for Line 6. In 2008 Tripps and the company moved to Dunlop Manufacturing and resurrected the Way Huge line.
The Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle Fuzz Mk3 is Way Huge take on EH Green Russian Big Muff from the mid 1990s .They have recreated the exact same circuit and controls as the original and nail the sound with some important sonic additions.

There are two vital ingredients that are needed in order to get the sound of a muff just right and there are many big muff clones that fail to do this. The Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle Fuzz is not one of them.

The pedals need to be powerful with more of a focus on the body and bottom end sound. It needs to have less clarity and less fidelity it needs to be raw but be immensely smooth.
So it is not easy to do this but Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle Fuzz not nails the sound but seems to have something extra. This is why in some peoples mind the Smalls Russian Pickle is an improved version over the original.

The simple controls are maintained with a progressive treble control which allows you to take away any top end treble so you get the fat creamy tone or it can be used to add back in a the dirt. The volume and distortion controls allow you greater control over the sound so you can dial in the dirt and smooth creamy fuzz tones to suit your needs.

What this pedal does is sustains beautifully with roundness and fatness that is not available on many Muff clones. It is both thick and smooth with plenty of bottom end slam. It also supplies a great variety of different fuzz tones with many different voicings



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