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Upgrade to Vintage Mullard

The Mullard ECC81 CV4024 is an audio and design gem and the first choice upgrade in valve microphones. This is special quality RAF valve was specially designed to work in the most difficult operating conditions. This valve was specially designed for long life and be shock resistant up to 500g and with a high temperature rating. So no issue when used in a valve microphone.

The CV4024 has the famous double ribbed ladder plate anode structure and feature large wide ribbed plates with special copper plate supports that suppress microphonics which also makes these valves very low in noise as well as microphonics. They were supplied to NATO forces across the world and therefore used the highest quality components and underwent strict quality controls.

They are simply made better; they last longer, have less noise and have conformity to the high specification design parameters. The sound is superb as they are full bodied clear and accurate with excellent top end extension. Then add to that famous Mullard mid band warmth and with this valve you have a superb upgrade.

So when you compare the sound of the Mullard to modern ECC81 and you will understand why we do use any modern made ECC81 in tube mic applications.

The kit consists of

1 Selected and Balanced Mullard ECC81 CV4024



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