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Vox AC30 Heritage Series Mazda EF86 Harma EL84 Retro Full Upgrade Kit Vox AC30 Heritage Series Mazda EF86 Harma EL84 Retro Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Our Vox full upgrade Kits are designed to get your Vox sounding as you want it, like a Vintage Vox. Our Classic Retro kits have been our most popular as many owners have found that by upgrading the stock valves that they have improved the sound of their amplifier. So whether you are a seasoned professional or playing for pleasure our upgrade kits will give you the sound you are looking for.
The Harma Retro full upgrade kit It is designed to give you the Classic Vintage Vox sound by providing as close to the old Mullard tone as possible with more gain from the EF86 channel.

The heart of the Heritage hand wired series and the soul of the Vox sound is the classic EF86 channel. There is one very important reason why the Mazda EF86 excels in guitar amplifier application. The design of the Russian EF86 has lower output impedance; these results in 10 % more gain. So what you get is a low noise valve, with more gain. The Mazda EF86s are vastly superior to the modern made EF86 in sound and performance. So this is the valve to choose for more gain out of your Vox EF86 Channel.

The Harma ECC83 Retro provides a harmonically rich and detailed sound with clear 3D midrange warmth. It has a very open and clear top end chime giving that gives the amplifier that rich sustaining tone. The outstanding feature is a smooth linear midrange response and extended frequency response. So you get smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows and that classic Mullard style bottom end.

The EL84 Retro has a deep well defined tight bass that produces the classic slam of the Mullard in the bottom end with the bass being deeper and belter defined.
The midrange performance has been tweaked to provide warm clear detail at low volumes with clear articulation and smooth even distortion when the amplifier is cranked.

The Harma GZ34 Retro uses the Mullards compact serrated anode design with a double supported getter. This has a number of advantages, with the biggest being that its design is resilient to shock and vibration, making it an ideal choice in Vox AC30s

The Harma Retro GZ34 also provides correct rectification and works well in early Vox AC30 with no reduction in B+ voltage unlike many of the modern GZ34 on the market

This combination removes the High end fizz and the rather brittle distortion characteristic which is the most common complaint levelled at this amplifier and brings the amplifiers sound back to life.

You will get improvements in such as a crystal clear top end with more extension and clarity when used clean. When using the overdriven settings the valves combined characteristics provide a warm sustaining sound with plenty of upper harmonics with excellent projection on solos.

This is the ideal kit for any player who wants that Classic Vox sound.

The kit consists of 9 valves

2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 Retro
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 Retro
1 Specially Selected Mazda EF86 RU
4 Specially Selected Harma EL84-Retro in a matched quad
1 Specially Selected Harma GZ34 Retro

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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