Vox Cryo Full Revalve Kits / Vox AC30 Custom Classic Series 2004-2009 Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit

Vox AC30 Custom Classic Series 2004-2009 Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit Vox AC30 Custom Classic Series 2004-2009 Harma E84L STR BT Cryo Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Our Vox Cryo full upgrade kits are designed to get the best sound out of your Vox. Our Classic Retro Cryo kits have been by far our most popular as many owners have found that the Cryo treated valves have helped them find their sonic signature and improved the sound of their amplifiers. By upgrading the valves to selected Cryo valves they have noticed the additional benefits such as better clarity, larger and improved sound stage with increased reliability. Here we have listed our most common upgrades to the Vox range.
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Until now clear note definition, musical complexity and rich harmonic content was only attainable by using rare and expensive new old stock classics. That was until now as the our Harma ECC83 STR E84L Cryo Full upgrade is designed to give you the best clean sound with the maximum clarity when playing clean and a smooth transparent distortion when you overdrive the amplifier.

Harma ECC83 STR Cryo provides exceptional note clarity with improved definition in clean mode. The cryogenic process removes any hint of harshness from the valves tone and gives the valve far better imaging with more focus and bite. This results in crystal clear cleans and extra bite and rich sustaining harmonics when overdriven.

The Cryo process improves the focus and high frequency chime of the Harma E84L. This is the already the cleanest sounding EL84 on the market. The dramatic effect cryogenic treatment has on the way the valve performs not only in clean applications but also when overdriven is remarkable.

The bass response is noticeably tighter with the complex midrange overtones producing more clarity and punch. Overall it has a warmer sound which is pleasing to listen to, providing a clear and crisp musical distortion The E84L also benefits from a fattening of the individual notes which makes solos thicker when distorted.

This Cryo Set delivers a clear open sound with the cleanest top end transparency out of any current valve set up. This chime and clarity excels when overdriven as it provides a rich warm overdrive sound when distorted with excellent balance and no hardness. It offers the best clarity when overdriven with a treble booster or gain pedals.

This is the special burst tested version of the E84L that is tested on the rig built for Brian May for the ultimate reliability.

The set consist of

2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR Cryo
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 STR Cryo
4 Specially Selected Harma E84L Burst Tested Cryo in a matched quad.
1 Specially Selected Harma GZ34 Retro Cryo

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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