Tube Amp Doctor / EL34/EL34B STR-TAD

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Tube Amp Doctor are a German distributor that selects and re brands valves from the principally the Chinese factory. They offer a range of their own branded parts and supplies which are sourced throughout the world.
The TAD EL34B STR has been around for many years now and this valve has a number of improvements hence the B designation. The valve has a thick glass envelope which gives it an improved performance in terms of rattle and microphonic performance.

In our tests the TAD EL34B-STR produced a clear top end with a warm fat midrange and a tight bass response. The bass end was extended and the bass is very warm and rounded. In clean mode this valve did everything exceptionally well.

In the overdriven mode, the first thing that I really liked was the fact that this EL34B is very easily overdriven. It retains its balance however much gain you through at it. The top end, which was very hard and fizzy on previous Chinese EL34s, is a lot smoother and sweeter than before. It has a nice crunchy tone that many rock players will love.



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