Marshall Valves / KT66-MARSHALL

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Marshall Amplifiers are one of the world biggest users of valves. They get the best quality valves that the factories can produce and then specially select them for their own Marshall brand.
Original Marshall KT66 that have all been tested and batch graded by Marshall
We have then retested all these and matched them on anode current and g/M.

This was the original valve that Marshall used in the JTM 45 Handwired,Marshall Signature Hendrix Head , Handwired 1962 Bluesbreaker & Vintage & Modern Series.

The Original Marshall KT66 provides a rounded full bodied sound with a smooth top end. The valve breaks up earlier than most KT66 which is great if you want earlier distortion and crunch at lower volumes. Without running this valve hard you get that hint of distortion which gives a nice crunch at lower volumes.

When pushed hard into overdrive the top three strings seemed to stand out more with a nice natural compression. This KT66 does make a really great guitar valve as solos are crisp and punchy. Single note runs stand out with chords fat and crunchy. The overall sound is very warm with a slightly aggressive edge which makes this a great vintage sounding valve.

These valve offer the best sound for the price out of all the modern KT66



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