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The 6Z4 is a valve rectifier which is becoming very popular with high end audio amplifier and guitar amplifier manufactures.

This item is the J version (the "J" means Jun Dui, which is Chinese for "army").

6Z4J was the highest grade Chinese rectifier and was made in the Beijing factory for the army. These were produced from the 1970s to early 1990s, when the Beijing factory closed.

The valve has the same characteristics as an American 6X4 or European EZ90 but has different pin connections so is not a direct replacement without re wiring the socket.

The differences are on pins 5, 6 & 7

The 6X4 and EZ90 are wired
Pin 5 un connected,
Pin 6 is anode 2,
Pin 7 is cathode.

The 6Z4 -J
Pin 5 cathode,
Pin 6 un connected,
Pin 7 anode 2

This valve offers the repairer and valve amplifier manufacture a high quality rectifier at very low cost. The valve is the same pin out as the 6x4R Russian.
These have all been specially selected for Audio applications.



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