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Little Dot MK9 Headphone Amplifier RCA 6080 GE Tele Thom Philips Deluxe Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Little Dot Amplifiers have taken the audio world by storm by offering a range of fantastic sounding valve hybrid headphone amplifiers. These Little devices have become a really popular way of listing to music from your IPod. The Little Dot Amplifiers are beautifully made and engineered and offer remarkable value for money. Here we offer a range of the best new old stock valves to transform the sound of your Little Dot amplifier.
Deluxe tube rolling kit

This deluxe tube rolling kit gives you the four of most popular 6080 valve types and the 6SL7WGT RCA all in one kit. This allows you to choose the right valve to suit the music you are listening to.

The RCA 6SL7WGT is one of the best 6SL7 types made with regards to sound quality. They produce a clear and balanced sound with tight bass control. They are very musical with a fast dynamic response.

The General Electric 6080 is the standard early types before the valve had any revisions.

The 6080 GE is a very refined experience with especially fabulous top end response.
The top end has a little more delicacy and air in the soundstage which sound makes it a great choice for jazz, especially horns.

Telefunken 6080W is the black plate U shaped anode version manufactured by GE for Telefunken to military specification in the mid 1960ís. The Telefunken is very punchy and aggressive it both fast and musical. This valve is superb on Rock Music, Reggae, R & B and Drums and Bass; they are upfront and hard hitting. So In my view for Rock, Funk or Blues this is my favourite 6080.

Thomson 6080WA provides good bass definition with a transparent and musical midrange. It provides excellent treble is transparency with an airy feel with plenty of top end sparkle. This set has greater clarity over the standard items and is very well balanced across audio spectrum. This is a excellent all rounder for all forms of music form vocal to Jazz

Philips 6080WC produces a warm clear and musical sound with plenty of midrange definition.
The 6080WC produce a very warm and relaxed sound with excellent bass definition. These are wonderful on vocals and stringed instruments and our choice for classical and jazz recordings.

This is an excellent upgrade and offers you the chance to change the valves to suit the music you are listing too.

The set consists of 9 valves

2 x 6080 General Electric
2 x 6080W Telefunken
2 x 6080WA Thomson
2 x 6080WC Philips

Please note that the kit is for the valves only



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