Ear Yoshino Amplifiers / Ear 88PB Phono Stage Philips PCC88 Revalve Kit

3Ear 88PB Phono Stage Philips PCC88 Revalve Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Ear Yoshino products are renowned around the world for their sound quality and our revalve kits consist of a specially selected set of valves to get the best out of these audio masterpieces.

All preamp valves in our kits are specially selected and all output valves, where applicable, are burnt in dual matched on current and output gain.

Philips PCC88 has the same midrange warmth and dynamics that has made the Mullard ECC88 & E88CC family of valves so famous. Philips owned the Mullard brand so these are identical in construction and parts to the Mullard.

The Philips PCC88 has a transparent and warm midband which is excellent on vocals and strings. The top end has clarity and speed with plenty of deep musical bass definition.

Philips PCC88 is an Audio bargain as you get all the Mullard sound at super low price when compared to the E88CC and 6922. The PCC88 Philips has long been a favourite of many our customers for EAR Products.

The set consists of

4 Specially Selected Philips PCC88

Please note that this is the valves only



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