Philips / 5Z3-PHILIPS RCA

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Philips was founded by Frederik Philips and his son Gerard Philips in 1891 in Eindhoven in Holland. They concentrated on mass production of incandescent lamps. By the end of the 1890s Philips & Co. is one of the largest producers in the Netherlands and, with 1,000 employees, the country’s largest industrial employer. In 1928 Philips bought Mullard after a joint venture in vacuum tubes. Philips had been one of main originators with in the musical field. They invented the compact cassette and CD discs and also some of the great valve designs such as the EL34 and EL84.
5Z3 Philips rectifier was made in the USA by RCA but boxed and branded by Philips.

These 5Z3 are the shouldered shape envelope with the Black anode plate with 5Z3 USA on the rear of the glass and the Philips logo in Green on the front.

The Philips RCA item is popular for high powered audio amplifiers and for use in vintage Juke boxes.

This full way rectifier uses a UX-Base 4 Pin base which is different from the Chinese 5Z3P
If you want a 5Z3P then you need to buy a 5U4G or 5U4GB



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