Rode Valve Microphones / Rode NTK Valve Studio Microphone ECC88 Philips Kit

Rode NTK Valve Studio Microphone ECC88 Philips Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Philips ECC88 is our most popular replacement for the 6922 valve in studio microphones.

Philips ECC88 is known for its clarity and speed with same midrange warmth and dynamics that has made the Mullard & Philips family of valve famous. E88CC is also super quiet which is exactly what you need in a studio microphone.

What sets the Philips & Mullard valves apart from every other brand of ECC88 6922 types is the valves natural warm midrange. This fattens the sound which many sound engineers prefer especially on vocals.

The midband enhances acoustic instrument also which gives them a more natural tone.
These are old production Philips ECC88 and were subject to the most rigorous quality control.

These valves have then undergone a controlled in burn in process by us and then the triodes are matched on dB gain for the ultimate audio performance.

The kit consists of 1 valve

1 Specially Balanced ECC88 Philips



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