CTS Pots / CTS 24mm Knurled Shaft 500K Log Pot

CTS 24mm Knurled Shaft 500K Log Pot Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These I have found to be the best quality for tone controls in American amps and are used by many manufactures and custom amp builders. C.T.S are ideal for replacement or restoration of Fender amps. 1/2 watt 3./8" mounting, 1/4 splined shaft can be used for set screw or push on knobs. They provide superb action with the highest quality 24mm
CTS 500K Log 24mm knurled shaft potentiometer features a 1/3 watt rating and a 3/8 bushing.

CTS split shaft pots are the industry standard use by most major guitar makers due to it high quality and smooth tapered response


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