DR Z Full Revalve Kits / Dr Z Z Verb Reverb GE Philips USA Full Upgrade Kit

Dr Z Z Verb Reverb GE Philips USA Full Upgrade Kit Dr Z Z Verb Reverb GE Philips USA Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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DR Z amplifiers were founded in 1988 by Mike Zaite, a.k.a. Dr. Z.in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. In 1994 Zaite built several more amps for Joe Walsh to use on the 1994 Eagles World Tour this put DR Z name firmly in the public eye. Dr. Z amplifiers are beautifully made and many use a unique circuit design bases on the EF86 pentode. Our upgrade kits use the best combination of new old stock and modern day valves. These we believe will give you the best sound and performance from your amplifier. You have not compromised in your choice of amplifier, so why compromised on the choice of valves.
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This full revalve kit is designed to give you the best clean reverb sound with the maximum depth and clarity. To achieve this we use high quality American made NOS valves made by General Electric and Philips.

The General Electric ECC83 is noted for its large sound stage and plenty of midrange detail. What makes the General Electric 12AX7A so special is that it has the best clean definition out of any of the American made 12AX7 types. The top end is always clear and out front. The General Electric ECC81 also shares the clarity of the ECC83 so these are the perfect combination as they provide the authentic Fender twang with a bright but soft treble

The Philips 6V6GTis used as no other 6V6GT supplies that sparkling clean sound and top end chime that the military USA Philips 6V6GT delivers. That is why this valve is considered the bench mark when it comes to Fender style clarity. This makes it ideal for the output stage of your DR Z reverb.

The set consists of 3 valves

1 Selected General Electric ECC83
1 Selected General Electric ECC81
1 Selected Philips 6V6GT



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