Siemens / EF95/6AK5/5654W-SIEMENS

EF95/6AK5/5654W-SIEMENS EF95/6AK5/5654W-SIEMENS Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Siemens are a huge German owned manufacturer that has made and developed some of the worlds best vacuum tubes. Siemens first patented the x-ray tube On March 24, 1896. Siemens have made some of the best sounding audio valves that have become highly sought after for their sound and build quality.
These are the military high grade Siemens EF95 5654W and has been our most popular EF95 for use in Little Dot MK 11,111 & IV headphone amplifier and also in the Yaqin CD players.

These are the sought after black plate version with round getter which customer feedback has been that is the best version for Audio. This item is a superb upgrade over the Chinese 6J1. The Siemens 5654W is transparent and dynamic with a clear bass. These come in the original Siemens boxes



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