JJ Tesla / 6V6GTS-JJ TESLA Trade 16 pieces

6V6GTS-JJ TESLA Trade 16 pieces 6V6GTS-JJ TESLA Trade 16 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The JJ factory was born out of the ashes of the former Tesla factory. They currently make a range of High quality valves based on some of Tesla most famous designs.
The JJ Tesla 6V6GTS is a 6V6GT which is beautifully made with thick grade glass and features gold grid wire and uses high temperature alloy for the anode plates.
The valve has a large plate structure which is braced inside for low microphonics.
The JJ valve is more like a mini 6L6GC than a true 6V6GT so it does have a different sound with less top end sparkle than a traditional 6V6GT

Sonically the JJ also provides excellent performance in all guitar amplifier applications.

In clean playing application the 6V6GTS produces a smooth clear high end with the upper treble clean and clear. The midrange is full and well balanced with a tight and well defined bass end.

In overdriven mode the JJ 6V6GTS is very easy to overdrive providing a warm overdrive with a little compression. It has a very punchy gritty sound and produces large open soundstage

The JJ 6V6GT has been a favourite of mine since its introduction to the market hence we buy a large quantity of these to ensure you get the best price.

Here you get 16 pieces of 6V6GTS in Matched Quads @ £12.25 each making a total £196.00



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