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Blackstar Series One 45 2x12 EL34 MK2 JJ Celestion G12H 75 HZ Lead Cone Kit Blackstar Series One 45 2x12 EL34 MK2 JJ Celestion G12H 75 HZ Lead Cone Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Black Star amplifiers have quite rightly caused a major buzz in the music industry since their launch. This has been due partly to some very clever designs but more importantly to some very fine sounding amplifiers. In these valve and speaker upgrade kits we have put together some of our most popular upgrades in order for you to get the best sound out of these excellent amplifiers
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Our JJ Revalve kit combined with Celestion UK made Heritage Series G12H 75 Hz Lead Cone speaker is designed to remove the High end fizz and rather brittle distortion that this amplifier displays.

This upgrade makes the most of the amplifier distortion characteristics. The speaker has biggest impact on the overall sound. Whatever pedal you put in the front end will be shaped by the speaker character.

All preamp valves in our kits are specially selected and include a balanced valve for the phase inverter position. All output valves are burnt in dual matched on current and output gain.

JJ valves are renowned around the world for their sound quality. They produce a smooth clear high end with a clean and clear treble. The midrange is full and well balanced with a tight and well defined bass end. In overdriven mode the JJ produce a warm overdrive with a little compression and no harshness.

The Celestion Heritage Series G12H 75 Hz Lead Cone is the faithful UK made recreation of one Celestions most sought after vintage speakers the 30 watt pre Rola G12H. The Lead Cone G12H as it has become known was optimised for Lead guitar and has a different tonal balance when compared with the G12H Low resonance 55Hz version.

The Original 75 Hz G12H 30 are favoured by many Lead guitarists for its warmth and single note projection. The Lead Cone also has a more transparent upper mids and sparkling highs which is emphasised by the cone thinner composition.

So why is this speaker so special and why do other speakers not match its tonal character?

At Marshall's request Celestion developed this speaker for Marshall and it had be tonally the same as the vintage original. To make it tonally the same every detail of the original speaker had to be meticulously reproduced.

The Original materials were used for the coil former and dust cap. The voice coil winding lengths and voice coil materials with exact dimensions and specification reproduced. The cones edge treatment and adhesives were exactly replicated and finally two of the most vital sound secrets. The cones material properties changes tonally over time so the cones were manufactured to replicate this.
The originals magnetic flux and the demagnetisation also changes over time and Celestion replicated this. The cones thinner pulp composition was also reproduced to give the Heritage G12H 75Hz Lead cone the same character as the original vintage items.

The kit consists of

3 Specially Selected ECC83S JJ
1 Specially Selected & Balanced ECC82
2 Specially Selected and matched JJ EL34 Mk2
2 Celestion Heritage G12H 75 Hz Lead Cone in 16 Ohm

Please note that this kit is for the valves & speaker only



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