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Carr Amplifiers are made by Steve Carr and his staff in Pittsboro,North Carolina USA. Having tried a number of these amps what I really like is the attention to detail and workmanship. The amplifiers are based on famous tried and tested circuits and they sound exactly as Carr amps describe. Our full revalve kit aim to help you get the best out of these excellent amplifiers.
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The Carr Artemus STR E84L full revalve kit is designed to give you the best clean sound with the maximum headroom and a warm smooth overdrive.

The Artemus is a very versatile amplifier as it provides a tonal range from classic Vox AC 30 style to a very modern open clean sound.
This Kit provides a well balance tone with sparkling highs. The midrange warmth can be increased when using employing the mid toggles switches. This results in a plenty of mid clarity with plenty of bite on solos.

Steve's clever circuit design replicates the EF86 pentode mode by using an ECC83.
The Harma ECC83 STR installed the amplifier has that classic clear sound that works superbly with pedals or gain boosts.

In the Pre amp section we use the following,

The Harma ECC83 STR is used in our Carr kits as is the best choice for the sparkling clean sounds that most players want from their amplifiers. The mid-range is very transparent which when changing pickup selection give a nice tonal variation which is lost in some other valves.
The valve responds very well to pedals and crunches up without that harsh fuzzy tone.
The Harma ECC83 STR construction is based on the famous frame grid design that was pioneered in Germany by Telefunken. The advantages of this design are reduced microphonics and better isolation from vibration, which is very important particularly in combo applications..

In the output stage

The Harma E84L is a high quality special application military valve that has a rugged construction and thick glass which reduces microphonics and rattles in all guitar combos. The valve has a coated anode which makes it stable and able to withstand high plate voltages which gives longer life.

The valve produces the maximum clean headroom out of any current EL84 providing a deep clear bass response, clear mids and smooth highs. When pushed into distortion the valve produces a rich warm overdrive sound. This is the special burst tested version of the E84L that is tested on the rig built for Brian May for the ultimate reliability.

The Rectifier
The Harma GZ34 Retro is based on the Mullard GZ34 and is used as it provides the correct rectification with no reduction in B+ voltage unlike many of the modern GZ34 on the market today.

The set consists of 6 valves

1 Specially Gain selected Harma ECC83 STR in V1
1 Specially Gain selected and balanced Harma ECC83 STR in V2
4 Selected and matched Harma E84L Burst Tested in a matched quad
1 Selected Harma GZ34 Retro rectifier

Please note that this is the valves only



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