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Celestion speakers started in Hampton Wick England in 1924. Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Limited were formed in 1927, and two years later the company moved across the Thames to Kingston. The company grew rapidly, but was hit by the depression.

Wartime restrictions forced Celestion and the nearby British Rola Company to produce loudspeakers to the same specification; British Rola bought Celestion in 1947 and formed Rola Celestion and moved production to Thames Ditton in 1949. Rola Celestion was bought by Truvox - a manufacturer of public address systems in 1949.

Celestion developed the first dedicated guitar speaker T0530, what came to be known as the Alnico Blue and with its marriage with the Vox AC15 and AC30 a legend was born. In 1968 the company started production in Ipswich, moving all production there by 1975. Celestion developed the speakers that then powered the Blues and Rock Revolution in the late 1960's and early 1970's with speakers such as the G12M Green Back and G12H. Over recent years Celestion have remade some of their finest and most sort after speakers.

Watford Valves have supplied speakers to the music industry for over 25 years and with the benefit of hindsight can honestly say that for guitar or bass Celestion's are the best speaker's money can buy.
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The Celestion V Type is a new speaker that delivers a combination of the Vintage 30 speaker's projection without the harder upper mid spike that is associated with Vintage 30.

I have used this speaker over a long period of time and can report excellent results as the V type has a clearer and smooth top end when compared to Celestions Vintage 30 but retains the tight bottom end response that many people like about the Vintage 30.

The speaker provides clear clarity with single coils and when pushed with hum bucking pickups has a smooth sizzling overdriven tone which is better suited to modern High gain amplifiers.

The speaker has been very well received since its launch with the American Tone Quest Report commenting WOW! These speakers are just incredibly good
And Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses has become an endorsee for the New V type.

The V type speaker is best described as a cross between a G12H and a Vintage 30 with a brighter upper mid voicing. Celestion have given the V type a 70-watt power handling and output sensitivity (SPL) of 98dB. So will work well in all modern combo applications and the reduced sensitivity allows the amplifier to be run a little harder.

This is an excellent speaker that will render some manufactures modern voiced” speaker and indeed some of the Celestions own high powered speakers redundant.



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