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Marshall amplifiers are voice of Rock and Roll past, present and in future.These amplifiers have been used by all the music legends. From Clapton's fierce bluesbreaker solos with John Mayall, to the powerhouse slam of Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin to Steve Jones awesome sound with his JCM800. These Kits are designed and put together to enable you to get the best out of your particular amplifier. Our Classic kits are aimed at giving you the closest to the original Mullard/Marshall sound that has rocked the music world
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The Marshall Handwired Series 1974X 18 watt Classic Retro full revalve kit is specially selected for Marshall Handwired 1974X 18 watt 1 x 12 Combo. The Classic Marshall kits are designed to give your Marshall as close to the old Mullard tone as possible with this quite exceptional sounding amplifier. This is done by using modern day production valves that are traditionally voiced

In the Pre amp section we use the following,

The Harma ECC83 Retro is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83. This valve replicates the warm detail and harmonically rich midrange that made the Mullard sound so famous.
The ECC83 Retro retains the classic Marshall crunch and provides a harmonically rich and detailed sound with an excellent 3 dimensional midrange response. This valve has a traditional British voiced sound and this valve has the outstanding feature that when it is overdriven it provides a warm sustaining sound with plenty of upper harmonics. This combined with its smooth linear midrange response and extended low frequency response means you get smooth warm overdrive with tight fat punchy lows.
This captures that classic vintage Marshall sound better than all the other ECC83/12AX7 that I have tried.

In the output stage

The Harma EL84 Retro is based on Mullard EL84 which in most people books is the best EL84 ever made. So to replicate this iconic valve close attention has been paid in the manufacturing process to the original Mullard specifications. The valve has gold plate grids with special attention given to the windings to reduce the likelihood of the valve failure. The valve uses carbonized screen grids and the anode plate are specially coated which not only share the look of the original Mullard but is designed to help heat transfer and eliminate red plating. The glass envelope is made of thick 22mm glass to prevent microphonics when used in guitar combos.
The Harma EL84 Retro sound is what sets this apart from the rest as it produces a deep well defined tight bass and the classic slam of the Mullard in the bottom end. The midrange performance has been tweaked to provide warm clear detail at low volumes with clear articulation and smooth even distortion when the amplifier is cranked. Special attention has been given to the top end of this valve giving touch sensitive bite without any hardness.

The Rectifier
The Harma EZ81 Retro is based on the Mullard 1960s design used for military applications. The valve is internally braced to prevent vibration in guitar applications and is an ideal choice to maintain that Marshall sound.

The set consists of 6 valves

2 Specially Gain selected Harma ECC83 Retro in V1, & V2,
1 Specially Gain selected and balanced Harma ECC83 Retro in V3
2 Selected and matched Harma EL84 Retro in a matched Pair.
1 Selected Harma EZ81 Retro valve rectifier.

Please note that this is the valves only



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