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Rotosound CRYO bass strings have been developed to provide the absolute best sound quality, long life and tuning stability from the best British made strings. In our tests, The Rotosound Cryo treated bass strings out lasted many high profile USA made branded strings by weeks and gave better tuning stability. The Swing Bass provided consistent results over a 2 year period on my own Music man, Fender and Rickenbacker basses. These Rotosound Cryo bass strings such as they are stainless steel swing bass retained there snappy top end for longer and had more clarity. The best-selling Roto bass strings had more clarity, warmth and more punch form this nickel on steel strings. The Cryo Treatment is a proven process which will give permanent and lasting improvements when applied to Bass strings. So if you use Rotosound already then you will know that these have just got better. If you do not then try these today and join the British revolution, you will not look back. Ideed, The Cryo process means that boiling your Rotosound swing bass strings is a thing of the past as they stay brighter longer. Superb brilliance and strength make Roto's the first choice for the bass professional.
Rotosound Roto RB40 Nickel on Steel Roundwound Long Scale Electric
Bass Strings.040-.100. Cryo Tempered Strings

There is a good reason why Rotosound Roto bass strings have a growing user list of top flight bass players. Rotosound Nickel on Steel Round wound bass string sets will give you outstanding tone and long life .They produce a warmer sound, when compared to stainless steel and have a punchy bottom end with excellent balance and note clarity. Rotosound have produced these sets without the silk windings to reduce the cost with no compromise on tone and feel. The Cryo Treatment gives the strings more top end brilliance and more punch in the bottom end.
In my own tests, using these strings daily and regularly gigging on a Fender Jazz Bass, the Cryo Rotosound Roto bass string lasted over twice as long than an untreated set. If you use the old trick of boiling your strings in hot water once they have gone dull to bring them back to life, Then as the Cryo treatment permanently changes the structure of the alloys they came back brighter and again retained their brilliance longer than the untreated set.

The Cryo Treatment is a proven process which will give the three most desirable improvements when applied to Bass guitar strings.

1- Clear more balanced tone

The Cryo process closes and refines grain structures within the alloy. This re-alignment and reorganisation of the strings molecular structure produces a more reactive string. This results in a fuller clear tone with a tighter bottom end.

2- Extended string life
The Cryo process by changing molecular structure of the string reduces the retained stresses that are in the alloy. The reduction of these stress and tension makes the strings last longer and retain more of their natural brilliance. In addition to these benefits, the sound of the string will not decay as quickly as the strings begin to age.

3- Great tuning stability

The Cryo process by permanently changing and redefining the molecular structure of the alloy increases the stability of the string. Under a microscope a string has a pattern of grains, within these grains are gaps. The Cryo process tightens and realigns the grains and gaps and this is why Cryo strings provide greater tuning stability and more accurate intonation.

Rotosound bass strings are handmade in England using the finest materials available. James How, "the bass string pioneer" introduced the first Round wound stainless steel bass strings in 1962, changing the tone of bass players worldwide. They have been the favourite strings of great bassists from John Paul Jones and John Entwistle to Geddy Lee. TheRotosound Roto Bass strings retain the classic bass sound that gives the Fender Precision bass its trade mark sound that has featured on hundreds of hit records with more warmth provided by the Nickel. They provide exceptional clarity and warmth with an excellent feel. The Cryo treatment makes these the best Rotosounds Roto Bass strings available.

Rotosound Roto Bass RB40 Long Scale nickel on Steel Bass Roundwound Cryo
Gauges: .040-.065-.080-.100
(Long Scale Medium Gauge)



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