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These are specially selected Cryo preamp front end sets for Peavey amplifier owners. The sets consist of specially position selected pre amp valves that have been selected for each position in your Peavey amplifier. Valves are chosen from current production as well as highly sought after new old stock valves and have be Cryo treated to give the best results. Standard gain kits aim to give a warm and fat overdrive with a High gain option to give you maximum overdrive, early break up with the lowest noise. Our Classic kit provides owners with a valve close in tone to the vintage Mullard ECC83. So you can the best set to suit your playing style. These Cryogenically treated valves are tested and selected to give the best sonic performance out of your Peavey amplifier.
This 6 valve set is specially selected for Peavey Amplifiers and uses a set of Cryo treated ECC83S JJ valves throughout. It covers all Peavey models that have a 6 valve pre amp section with a balanced valve for the phase inverter position.

These include the Peavey 6505 plus & 6534 range of amplifiers with a 6 valve pre amp section.

JJ valves a renowned around the world for their superb sound quality. By Cryo treating the JJ valves the cryo process transforms a good sounding valve in a great sounding item.

The ECC83S JJ Cryo has become one of the most popular ECC83/12AX7 types made today. The valve has a clear and warm overall sound and has a later break up than most modern ECC83/12AX7 types. It is low in microphonics, has a well-balanced sound and distorts very evenly. We improve this benchmark via Cryo treatment and the improvements are quite staggering.

The cryogenic process gives the JJ a smoother richer tone resulting in the imaging having more focus and bite. The JJ now has a warmer sound which is a clear and has better high end resolution. It has exceptional note clarity with improved definition in clean mode greater Transparency under distortion.

The Cryo treatment enhances the overall performance of this valve by providing deeper more controlled bass with added depth and weight. It provides extended clarity in the high end and upper midrange. The extended clarity in the high end and upper midrange is an excellent addition in clean playing situations. The result is a harmonically rich lead guitar sound which is fatter and tighter with a great singing natural sustain when the valve is pushed into distortion.

These features are simply not available in the standard untreated version of the JJ valves

The set consists of 6 valves

5 Specially Selected ECC83S JJ Cryo
1 Specially Selected & Balanced ECC83S Cryo

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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