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Tube Amp Doctor are a German distributor that selects and re brands valves from the principally the Chinese factory. They offer a range of their own branded parts and supplies which are sourced throughout the world.
The TAD 6V6GT-STR has been designed around the oval plate RCA and GE 6V6GT of the late 50s early 60s. The round anode plates have extensions on them which form heat wings that will help the plates dissipate more heat. TAD has designed this to withstand the higher operating voltages that a present in many vintage amplifiers.

The valve features a thick glass envelope which prevents microphonics and valve rattle which plagues many of the modern 6V6GT types.

In our tests the TAD 6V6GT-STR, when used clean produced a clear top end with a warm fat midrange and a tight bass response. This is a sound that you would normally expect from an old GE or Philips 6V6GT. So In clean mode this valve did everything exceptionally well.

Hit the overdrive and gain settings and plug in the Les Paul and you find Rock heaven. This valve has a really touch sensitive response and it captures the classic rock sound in a nutshell. This is a very easy valve to overdrive so a little care will be needed with your settings if you wanted a clean boarding crunch sound.

If you are looking for NOS tone on a budget then The TAD 6V6GT-STR has it in abundance. It provides classic rock with a hint of attitude



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