Novosibirsk Russian Valves / 6N6N/6H6PI-NOVOSIBIRSK

6N6N/6H6PI-NOVOSIBIRSK Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Novosibirsk, Russia is a Large collective factory that, makes high quality receiving valves and diodes.
The Novosibirsk 6H6pi-N is a genuine Soviet design valve that has been used by many audio companies in the driver stages of their amplifier designs.

The Novosibirsk valve is a fantastic Audio valve and is the best sounding Russian double triode that we found for use in the Little Dot amplifiers. This valve has various identifying numbers such as -i. The Chinese name for the 6H6p tube is 6N6 as the Russian state that this is the same as ECC99 & E182CC

The Novosibirsk valve has a clear and well balance sound. This valve produced the best sound out of various types of valves tested in the Little Dot Headphone amplifier and offers an excellent upgrade to the standard Chinese 6N6.



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