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Electro Harmonix is the top end brand which is owned by the Sovtek corp. Many of these valve designs are new designs based on old classic items.
The Electro Harmonix 12BH7A is designed to provide low noise in audio or guitar applications.

The valve designs features 22 mm glass envelope and has a long plate design making the low in microphonics. Sonically the valve has excellent clarity and provides a well balanced sound with a little less treble response when compared to U.S.A types.

We offer two options:
1) FactorySelected
2) Balanced -matched triode sections for Phase splitter, Audio & Tube microphones

Gain (db) Drive Tested)
Transconductance (gm) Drive Tested
Output Drive Tested
Noise 1 (signal to noise)
Noise 2 (Aural)
Microphonics Test 1(Ambient)
Microphonic Test 2 (Shock)
Cathode Test
Grid Leakage Test



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