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These are specially selected preamp/front end sets for Fender amplifier owners. The sets consist of specially position Selected pre amp valves that have been selected for each position in your Fender.The Standard gain kit contains valves are selected to give a warm clean sound with plenty of top end detail.When overdriven the set will provide and fat smooth overdrive, ideal if you are using pedals in the front end of your amplifier.
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Blues Deluxe kit Standard gain

This Standard gain front end only Cryo upgrade Kit is designed to give your Blues Deluxe amplifier the best balance of clean headroom and smooth warm overdrive with tight punchy lows. This Cryo valve set gives improvements in the clarity/definition of the distortion by removing the mush comes with the standard set.

We use a selected gain valve in all positions by using a selected Harma ECC83 STR Cryo this is to ensure medium break up. V1 & V2 are the most critical positions in this amplifier as the amplifiers design is a basic one channel kicking in a 2nd gain stage when the drive is selected. A balanced phase inverter valve ensures drive to the output valves.

The kit consists of 3 valves.

2 Specially Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR for positions V1 & V2

1 Balanced Harma Cryo ECC83 STR for V3.



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