Svetlana Winged C / EL34-SVETLANA WINGED C YEAR 1998-2000

EL34-SVETLANA WINGED C YEAR 1998-2000 Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Svetlana Electron Devices, St. Petersburg: The Svetlana winged C is a major Russian power-tube manufacturer. Formerly a part of the huge Svetlana collective factory. The valves that we stock under the Svetlana/winged C are the original items made by the JSC Svetlana Company that owns and operates the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. This factory has a long history of making valves and transmitting valves .In fact have been making vacuum tubes for over 100 years. These valves have constantly topped not only our own valve reviews but also in audio and guitar reviews the world over. They offer some of the best sounding types available today.
These are the Original Svetlana EL34 made by JSC Svetlana in the Russian Svetlana plant.

These valves were manufactured between 1998 and 2000 and have the original S logo with the production date on the valve. They also come in the original Svetlana Box with the winged C emblem on the carton.

These were made before the trademark dispute reared its head and these are classic Svetlana winged C item made at the heyday of its production. These are 100 % original as I bought them at the time and they are from our long term store. The construction of these items use a laminated alloy used for the plate construction which helps heat transfer under overload conditions.

The Svetlana factory is now sadly closed and all of the genuine Svetlana products have reached new old stock status, not because they are old but simply as this is the best sounding EL34 that is available.

The winged C has now new old stock status and in sound terms it is certainly amongst the best. In all the guitar and Audio test reports I have conducted over 20 years this valve is only beaten by the Mullard EL34 and the double gettered original Tesla EL34.

In Audio terms it is clear fast and musical with the correct balance and dynamics. In guitar amps, the Svetlana EL34 has a bold and dynamic sound and when overdriven sounds smooth and responsive.

These 1998-2000 original Svetlana have the S logo as this was the worldwide trademark of the factory back in 1998-2000.

We burn in and dual match these on anode current and transconductance output gain.

So if you believe that the earlier production Svetlana's are the best then here is your chance to stock up as once these are gone we cannot supply any more.

Available in dual matched pairs only


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