Primaluna Amplifiers / Primaluna Prologue 7 Original Dual Mono Poweramp Harma STR KT88 Gold Lion Full Upgrade Kit

Primaluna Prologue 7 Original Dual Mono Poweramp Harma STR KT88 Gold Lion Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Primalua amplifiers have won countless awards over the years for their sound quality. Many people have asked me to recommed amplifiers over the years as we do not sell amplifiers and want an unbiased view. It is of no suprise to me that many customers have said to me that the Primaluna items we have recommended has out performed other more expensive brands when they listened to them. These upgrade kits are designed so you get the best sonic performance out of these remarkable amplifiers.
KT88 Stock Option

Special offer 10% Discount

This upgrade kit is designed to give you a noticeable upgrade from the stock valves.
The kit will give you improvements in the preamplifier section by removing some of the hard and course treble. In the Output section the KT88 Gold lion has the most musical detail and offers excellent bass clarity. They offer the best detailed mid-range and sonic punch out of any KT88 that we have tried.

We have chosen the Harma ECC82 & ECC83 STR as together they produce a warm and clear soundstage. They have a very clear bass response, which is both tight and musical. Good balance across the whole musical frequency range with instruments being clear, accurate and well defined.
These will outperform the Chinese items preamp valves, especially the ones with gold pins, strange name and silly price tag.

The KT88 Gold Lion re issue has gained a worldwide reputation for sound quality and is arguably the best KT88 currently made. The Gold Lion re issues have been created just like the original GEC KT88 right down to the finest detail with gold plated grid wire, carbonized screen grids, and a tri-alloy clad plate structure for exceptional performance and sound quality.

The Gold Lion KT88 re issue has proved excellent valve for all applications due to it exceptional imaging and detail. It is very well balanced with a clear punchy midrange with first class clarity. The top end is very detailed and musical. The bass end is very well controlled with excellent extension and a vice like grip over the sound.

This is an excellent KT88 and one that is very difficult to beat as very few can match this valves musical presentation. The Primaluna performance was bigger with more clear dynamics when compared to the stock valves.

Our upgrade consists of the following valves

4 Specially Selected Harma ECC82 STR
4 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR
8 Specially Selected KT88 Gold Lion Re Issue in two matched Quads

Please note that the upgrade kit contains the valves only



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