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Celestion speakers started in Hampton Wick England in 1924. Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Limited were formed in 1927, and two years later the company moved across the Thames to Kingston. The company grew rapidly, but was hit by the depression.

Wartime restrictions forced Celestion and the nearby British Rola Company to produce loudspeakers to the same specification; British Rola bought Celestion in 1947 and formed Rola Celestion and moved production to Thames Ditton in 1949. Rola Celestion was bought by Truvox - a manufacturer of public address systems in 1949.

Celestion developed the first dedicated guitar speaker T0530, what came to be known as the Alnico Blue and with its marriage with the Vox AC15 and AC30 a legend was born. In 1968 the company started production in Ipswich, moving all production there by 1975. Celestion developed the speakers that then powered the Blues and Rock Revolution in the late 1960ís and early 1970ís with speakers such as the G12M Green Back and G12H. Over recent years Celestion have remade some of their finest and most sort after speakers.

Watford Valves have supplied speakers to the music industry for over 25 years and with the benefit of hindsight can honestly say that for guitar or bass Celestion's are the best speakerís money can buy.
The Celestion the Limited Edition G12-35XC guitar speaker. A speaker built by Celestion in the UK to celebrate their 90th Anniversary. Celestion will only build 3000 units of this speaker for total worldwide sales.

The Celestion 35XC Speaker features a pressed steel frame, ceramic magnet, 35-watt rms power handling and output sensitivity (SPL) of 100dB. Built using tried-and-tested materials and construction methods, the 35XC incorporates several new design features and techniques.

The design brief was to build a speaker that could recreate the tone of the vintage Pulsonic coned speakers. Capable of delivering a sparkling clean musical sound without sacrificing crunch the overdriven lead sound that is prized on the original Pulsonic coned Celestions.

This speaker recreates the tonal evenness and clarity typical of speakers with Pulsonic cones, These speakers included early versions of the G12M and G12H.

This speaker has all the character of vintage speaker it brings deep lows with sparkling highs with the famous Celestion tone. The G12-35XC is for those of us who wonít compromise in their search for great tone. They will be pleased to know that their search ends here.



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