Way Huge Pedals / Way Huge WHE206 Red Llama 25th Ann Distortion Pedal LTD Edition

Way Huge WHE206 Red Llama 25th Ann Distortion Pedal LTD Edition Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Way Huge was launched 1992 by founder Jeorge Tripps and made some legendary pedals.In late 1999 the company closed its doors when Tripps went to work for Line 6. In 2008 Tripps and the company moved to Dunlop Manufacturing and resurrected the Way Huge line.
The Way Huge Red Llama is one of the most popular vintage drive pedals that was sadly discontinued over 25 years ago. The Red llama command a high price on the vintage pedal market and Way huge have brought it back in the form of a Limited edition special 25th Anniversary version. This is a limited run of this pedal that features a few updates and comes in a smaller enclosure making it pedalboard friendly.

The reason that the Red Llama was so popular is that it simply sounds right. It is a classic boost transparent distortion pedal that has an immense range of gain. You can go from clean crunch at the lower settings giving a nice body to your sound. Increase the settings and enjoy for crunchy fat power chords and then add a little more to fatten the solos or then uses it for out and out gain.

The 25th anniversary version features a welcomed addition over the vintage units as it contains a High cut knob. This is great if you have a bright amp or use too much gain as you can use it to smooth out some of the high treble frequencies. The High cut also removes some of the Grit in the sound some you can set it up like a treble booster.
Way Huge have retained every single facet that made the original pedal so good. It was designed to sound great through a huge variety of amplifiers with a distinct biting high. The High cut knob gives you more options to taylor your sound at a fraction of the original vintage item.

The pedal is beautifully finished in a brushed aluminium case and replicates the original tone.So catch one of these while you can before they become extinct.



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