Electro Harmonix / 5U4GB-ELECTRO HARMONIX

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Electro Harmonix is the top end brand which is owned by the Sovtek corp. Many of these valve designs are new designs based on old classic items.
Electro Harmonix 5U4GB is a superior directly heated rectifier that has proved to be extremely reliable.

This valve is also relabelled by Mesa Boogie as their Mesa 5U4GB and also Groove tubes. So this is the stock valve in all Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Triple Rectifier amps as well as Fender amplifiers that use the 5U4GB.

Electro Harmonix design is based on the classic original American 5U4GB and has a number of premium features. EH Use thick serrated edge mica spacers for perfect alignment. Top mounted double getter special tri laminated plate material and straight sided glass envelope just like the original USA made items. More importantly this valve gives the correct rectification values so you get the same sag characteristic when compared to Vintage Nos 5U4GB

5Z3P & 5Z3PA is a Chinese valve with an octal bass. The we have found the straight sided 5U4GB to be superior. So make sure your items has an octal bass if you are considering this item.

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