Ruby Tubes / 6072A/12AY7-RUBY EH HIGH GRADE

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Ruby Tubes are a distributor brand the supplies valves from China, Russia and Slovakia. The factories send valves to the USA parent company Magic Parts who test and select them and distribute them to Music stores, Manufactures and engineers the World over under the Ruby Tubes label.

Ruby Tubes may be found in all brands of amplifier equipment, along with other valve powered products
Special Offer Ruby EH High Grade

Ruby Tubes 6072A 12AY7 is a specially selected version of the Electro Harmonix 12AY7. This is selected to Rubys high grade
specification for low microphonics, low noise and hum. So is an ideal for critical amplifier positions.

Ruby Tubes quality assurance ensures that the valves will be quiet and reliable.

12AY7 6072A Ruby is a low gain signal valve that was used in early 50's Fender amplifiers.

This valve is normally put in the first gain position to lower the gain of a pre amp circuit. This will reduce the gain by around 50-60% .This prevents the feedback that many harp players have problems with. This valve produces a warm rounded sound with low gain which will clean up and tame the harshest of pre amps.

All Ruby preamp Tubes are tested by Magic Parts for quality assurance and selected for low microphonics and hum. This ensures that the valves will be quiet and reliable.

We have limited stock of the Ruby Tubes 6072A 12AY7 EH High grade, hence the special offer .The item come Ruby Boxed, EH marking and Rubys High Grade sticker.



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