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Ruby Tubes are a distributor brand the supplies valves from China, Russia and Slovakia. The factories send valves to the USA parent company Magic Parts who test and select them and distribute them to Music stores, Manufactures and engineers the World over under the Ruby Tubes label.

Ruby Tubes may be found in all brands of amplifier equipment, along with other valve powered products
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The Ruby KT88 STR is a remake in the style of the classic GEC KT88. It follows the originals anode construction using an uprated anode material in a tri plate from to help with heat transfer.

The anode plates are welded plates with copper support rods and the Ruby features heavy grade glass with a more rounded glass envelope and metal base ring like the original GEC KT88.

The Ruby KT88 STR is exactly the same valve as the Penta Labs KT88SC, The Penta Labs KT88SC has had excellent reviews worldwide and is some audiophile favourite KT88.

Firstly, I must say I am impressed with the construction but I am more than impressed with the sound quality that the Ruby produced particularly in the Primialuna amplifiers.

It has a natural reproduction of all musical instruments at all frequencies, accurate presentation of bass and drums particularly and the smoothness of the upper mids. what I really liked is these Ruby KT88 STR are very musical with a large soundstage and space between the notes. It is very dynamic and has an engaging sound with an incredibly clear bass response. These are an excellent choice for all applications.

All Ruby Power valves are tested by Magic Parts for quality assurance and selected for low microphonics and hum. The valves are dual matched on anode current and gain. This ensures that the valves will be matched and reliable.

They are then retested and dual matched by Watford Valves on our custom test rigs. This ensures that you will get the highest quality Ruby Tubes power valves available.

The Ruby KT88 STR offers outstanding sound quality and are available in matched pairs and matched quads



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