GEC U.K / DA42/CV2394-GEC

DA42/CV2394-GEC DA42/CV2394-GEC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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M-OV (Marconi-Osram Valve Company) was a British manufacturer of thermionic valves (vacuum tubes). It was a subsidiary of the (British) General Electric Company Ltd.

The company was founded in 1919, when the valve making interests of GEC (Osram) and the Marconi Company were combined

GEC were responsible for making some of the best valves in history and designed the famous KT66,KT77 and KT88 .
The DA42 is an indirectly heated audio power triode with an anode dissipation of 40 Watts. It was designed for use as a push pull pair in Class B to give 175 Watts out with 1kV on the anodes. This item is the CV2394 MOD specification item with CV marking and GEC label. UX4 base black anode plate oxide coated cathode and the brown base.



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