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The Sovtek Corporation produces a range of the most popular audio and guitar valves. These valves are made in Russia to high standards at the reflector plant. These valves are used by original equipment manufactures the world over for their sound quality and reliability.
The Sovtek 12AX7WXT was one of the most popular ECC83/12AX7 types that we sold in the mid 1990s.

At the time Sovtek produced the WA and WB versions and the WXT was the range topping high gain low noise version 12AX7 of this popular range. The WXT was a premium valve that was factory selected low noise and balanced and was aimed at the Audio market but when this was used in the V1 position of the famous Soldano SLO 100 demand for this valve sky rocketed.

The valve is superbly constructed and was designed with triple mica sat higher in the glass envelope as indeed was the rigid anode structure and Large double supported Halo getter which was different from the saucer getter of the other versions. It was designed directly to replace the out of production Beijing 12AX7 which manufactures still favoured at the time for it gain characteristics.

So we are very pleased to have found a reasonable stock of brand New Sovtek 12AX7WXT.

The Sovtek 12AX7WXT has a balanced and warm sound with and early breakup when compared to the Sovtek WA, WB and the later WC version. This is great vintage Marshall Super Leads and in JCM series as It crunches up easily and quickly with an aggressive cut. It is also great in any amp that is dark sounding as it spices up the top end. It is brighter sounding and has more attack and is louder than the WA,WB and WC versions.

In the 1990s gain was king but towards the end of the 1990s with more audio manufactures producing amplifiers Sovtek discontinued The WXT and the version with 5% more gain the WXT Plus.
They introduced long plate design 12AX7 LP and LPS to cater for the growing audio market

It is no surprise that this valve has given extremely long life due to strict quality control at Sovtek

Many customers have found other valves have not given the performance of the WXT in traditional and vintage amps for it gain and cut.

So we are very pleased to have found a reasonable stock of brand New Sovtek 12AX7WXT which date from 1994 and to be able to offer this excelent valve again



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