Electro Harmonix / 6L6GC-ELECTRO HARMONIX Trade 16 pieces

6L6GC-ELECTRO HARMONIX Trade 16 pieces 6L6GC-ELECTRO HARMONIX Trade 16 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Electro Harmonix is the top end brand which is owned by the Sovtek corp. Many of these valve designs are new designs based on old classic items.
The Electro Harmonix 6L6GC EH is the industry standard 6L6GC which has been relabelled by many manufactures and is based on the vintage RCA Black Plate 6L6GC.

This EH version is a premium 6L6GC as It features mica spacers with metal springs to eliminate tube rattle and microphonics. It also features large plate dimensions and improved grid structure for increased power handling capabilities.

The result is a valve which is comfortable with 500 vdc plate voltages used in old Fender amplifiers.

The construction improvements have also lead to improvements in the sound quality of the Electro Harmonix 6L6GC.The valve has more treble detail and a clearer top end which works very well in Mesa & Fender amplifiers. The bass response is deeper tighter and more rounded and the all new designs offers exceptional sound quality. In our opinion this is one of best and most reliable 6L6GCc made today

The Electro Harmonix 6L6GC is available in dual matched pairs and quads which are matched on plate current and gain.

Here you get 16 pieces of 6L6GC in Matched Quads @ £16.10 each making a total £260.00



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