Sovtek / ECC83/12AX7LPS-SOVTEK Trade 10 pieces

ECC83/12AX7LPS-SOVTEK Trade 10 pieces ECC83/12AX7LPS-SOVTEK Trade 10 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Sovtek Corporation produces a range of the most popular audio and guitar valves. These valves are made in Russia to high standards at the reflector plant. These valves are used by original equipment manufactures the world over for their sound quality and reliability.
The Sovtek 12AX7LPS the first choice of many audio manufactures as it is renowned for its warm vintage valve sound which rivals the long plate Mullard and Philips valves from the late 1950s.

12AX7LPS is Sovtek long plate with a spiral filament which allows use with AC connected Heaters. This valve is a medium to high gain double triode with long structure anode plates gives a superbly vintage valve sound. Warm detailed midband with excellent clarity and musicality along with a clear top end. The well balanced overall sound is the reason that this valve is first choice in many audio amplifiers. It has also proved a good choice in guitar amplifiers running clean and reverb driver positions.

I would not use these in guitar combos or high gain stages due to the valves long plate structure makes it is more sensitive to the vibration and excessive microphonics. I would only use these in guitar heads with vintage voiced pre amp sections such as old Marshall Superlead heads.

For combos and High gain amps the 12AX7WC Sovtek is a better choice and will last longer. So we do not recommend the use of the 12AX7LPS in these applications.

Sovtek valves are designed and manufactured with strict quality control and engineered for demanding conditions and high reliability. This valve is an audio gem

Here you get 10 pieces of 12AX7LPS Sovtek @ £11.75 each making a total £117.50



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