Tung-Sol Russia / EL84/7189-TUNG SOL RU

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The Tung-sol reissue valves are produced by the Sovtek Corporation to high standards at their reflector plant in Russia. These are recreations of some of the most popular Audio and guitar valves and they also produce some original designs under the Tung-Sol name such as the KT120. These valve are used by original equipment manufactures the work over for their sound quality and reliability.
Tung sol have reissued the 7189 which originally was a super EL84 which could handle 400 plate volts in class AB with 13.2 watts plate dissipation. EL84 was rated at 325 volts with 12 watts respectively.

The American designed 7189 soon became an audio favourite with American audio manufactures such as Scott, Fisher and Sherwood and was also used Magnatone.

The 7189 Tung Sol reissue is built to the same specifications as the original 7189 Tung-Sol for the high fidelity and performance expected from the vintage 7189 amplifiers and receivers produced in the 1960s and 1970s.

Strongly committed to quality manufacturing, Tung Sol tubes have always been known for their reliability and great tone. Todays new production Tung Sol tubes are constructed with the same commitment to quality and reliability. Tung Sol tubes reflect the best in vintage Tung Sol construction with unsurpassed tone and reliability.



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